The dates were set for July 13th and 14th for this awesome annual event orchestrated by Mayor Annie R. Coulter and Trustee Antoina “Tina” McMichales chairwoman of beautification and planner of events. The turnout was absolutely stunning. Large crowds poured in on each day to enjoy the festivities. Families played games, and dined on cuisines that are native to the rising Village of Ford Heights.

          Mayor Annie R. Coulter socialized and enjoyed some sun as children ran about frolicking through her tent. They were pleased to receive little gifts from the Mayor’s booth. Camera drones flew overhead to capture all of the exciting activities that transpired. On day one the main event was the bouncy houses that span the block, and a petting zoo with many of none- other than perfectly adorable ponies. Music and dancing were abundant on both days. The DJ’s selection was old school and new school music so everyone had something to groove to.


           The stroke of 12 ended the 1st night and the crack of dawn started the 2nd day. The people were bright eyed and bushy tailed very early on in the morning. They were eager for what was to come for the 2nd day.

        Lights, camera, and action were underway. The stage was set and ready to be worn in by the performers whom were anticipating blowing the crowd away. 3 acts to be exact: Comedian Robert Wright, the singers group The Independents, and the singers group Public Announcement.  The afternoon got the performances started. The announcer introduced himself then thanked Mayor Annie R. Coulter prior to introducing Trustee Antoina “Tina” McMichales and thanking her as well.

        The 1st act hit the crowds’ funny bone. Laughter rang through the Village of Ford Heights as comedian Robert Wright lined up his jokes and knocked them all down.  After some giggles the crowd was restless so the announcer gave them the entertainment they wanted. They were clapping and excited when the singers The Independents came on to the stage. Before their tones spoke their outfits were already singing. The men were in clean white suits with peach button ups and the woman wore a matching floral dress to compliment the color coordination. All eyes were surely on them as they danced and sang their songs that moved the audience.

        The 3rd act didn’t really need an introduction. The singers charm and suave glided across the stage before they got into position. The crowd jumped up and down with excitement for the singers Public Announcement. Everyone rocked their bodies with the singers as they sang one of their popular songs “Body Bumpin”. People yelled out “ ONE MORE TIME!”, “ GIVE US SOME MORE!”, “Whew, that was my jammm!”. The audience was very pleased.

        Once the stage closed down the DJ took back over with his tunes to keep the crowd upbeat and moving. The DJ enjoyed seeing everyone having such a great time. What came next no one expected. A Beyonce song came on over the speakers and a young woman walked onto the dance floor striking a pose. The beat swayed and so did she. Her movements were enchanting. The song changed to an upbeat Bruno Mars song and she changed her dance style. Some of the young children nearby began to have a dance competition with her. Lots of people engaged on the dance floor as well.

        The evening arrived with a bang, literally. Children and patrons sat on top of fire trucks as they all peered up at the sky and watched fireworks fly.  The event was completed with the last blast.

2018 Annual Back to School Fest

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