Business License 

Operating with the highest ethical standards, the Village of Ford Heights takes very seriously our position and the needs of our local businesses.  All regulated business operations in the Village of Ford Heights must be licensed to operate and must abide by all the rules, regulations and ordinances of the Village of Ford Heights. Special permits are required for certain special events, outdoor public gatherings, loudspeakers and amplifiers, and solicitation.

All business license are valid and requires annual renewal and inspections.

Fees vary depending on type of business. Our standard renewal is $300.00.

All annual licenses expires on April 30. There shall be no proration of annual license fees for licenses active for less than a one-year period. There shall be no refund of license fees if the licensee ceases to conduct the licensed business prior to expiration of the license. 

What Business Should Know...

Business License Process 1#

  • File out application
    • Pay Fee: $300
    • Copy of Owner/Manager's State ID or Driver's License
    • Certificate of Liability Insurance
    • Copy of State License, if applicable
  • Village Clerk processes  the application·  

Business License Process 2#

  • Code Enforcement and Fire department will contact you and schedule an appointment. Any additional re- inspections will cost $100 per inspections. 
  • Waste Removal Services are required and proof must be shown at the time to establish water. Please contact Republic Services to establish services.

Business License Process 3#

  •  Water Services are obtained by appointment only. Call 708-758-3131 Click here to download Businuess Water Application
  • Building Occupancy Permits issued
  • Water established
  • Applicant will receive Certified Business license within 30 days 
  • It's that easy!

Your application has to be approved by all Village departments: Planning and Zoning, Water Services, Fire & Police Services, and the Village Clerk Office.

No license shall be issued to any person, who in the judgment of the Mayor and Village Board, that is not of good char acter.