Envision Ford Heights Illinois

Tuesday, September 11th


Senior Center

1327 Ellis Ave.

Ford Heights, IL 60411

By: YB 08.22.18

          Hello all, September 11th has been commemorated as a tragic day but this year the Village of Ford Heights wants to change the memory by honoring that day with what is to come for the future. Moving forward is never easy but it is always worth it.

          Ford Heights 2.0 is a goal that is coming to life right before our very eyes. Day by day we are continuously getting closer to the changes that will make us a city that thrives. This upcoming event will be one that is truly worth attending. The evening will be spent with the Mayor and guest speakers sharing what the vision is for Ford Heights 2.0 tomorrows. There will also be a segment where the community can speak and share what they feel and desire for the Village of Ford Heights. It is actually welcomed and greatly appreciated for all the voices that speak up and help to grow the community. Dinner will be provided curtsy of the Village of Ford Heights. What better way to tell someone thank you than to feed them a good meal while discussing how the Village intends to increase the communities quality of life.

The topic that will be thoroughly discussed will be “Envision Ford Heights”. As a south suburban community we are aware that our functionality effects neighboring communities as well, so we also welcome residents of neighboring communities to come out. We’d even love for previous residents of Ford Heights to come and share what they’d like to add to Ford Heights 2.0. A total make over is underway and it would be wonderful to get aboard this progressive train. The Village of Ford Heights is headed in the direction of evolving with all the newest technologies. The 21st century isn’t ready for how awesome the upgrade of Ford Heights 2.0 is going to be.

          The Mayor will discuss new community amenities tailored to making residents of the city and surrounding areas happier. Lincoln Highway is to be revitalized, it will be a head turner when passersby peer upon it. New industrial developments will be discussed as well. Of course with new industrial developments comes new jobs and even more opportunities to enhance the Ford Heights 2.0 economy. A brighter future is what the Village is proposing. Street lights on each block which will increase safety and visibility at night is exactly what the doctor ordered. To be sure that everything remains running properly there is also a logistics center that is planned to be operational in the Village of Ford Heights’ future.

          Several important subjects will be touched upon and it would be a shame to miss out on such viable information in addition to being able to give input on what is important to you as a resident for the south suburban area. Again even nonresidents are welcome to come- Ford Heights 2.0 is open for business and open to possibility, opportunity, and change. Come help make Ford Heights 2.0 a reality!

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