V.O.F.H. News Article

Ford Heights 2.0

Summer Employment





          The summer is coming to an end and the fall is spreading it’s bountiful colors everywhere. As the seasons change so has the Village of Ford Heights. Mayor Annie R. Coulter along with Trustee Director of Public Works Scottie Hatten and Operations Manager Stanley Johnson has done it again. At the start of the summer the village employed 30 

individuals to come a board and help make Ford Heights beautiful again. Mid summer the village employed yet another 30+ making it the 2nd group of workers brought a board to make some magic happen in Ford Heights.

          Interviews were conducted with the Trustee Director of Public Works Scottie Hatten and the Operations Manager Stanley Johnson. What they had to say about the program is as follows.

          Trustee Interview: The Trustee was asked what was the best part about working with the summer program and responded, “Actually giving everyone a chance and allowing them to sit through an interview, for some of them this was their 1st opportunity to experience a job interview.” He states that, “Everyone played a major part, and I believe that everyone deserves credit for doing an outstanding job in the process of cleaning the community.” Operations Manager Stanley Johnson agreed with that statement. Trustee’s eyes lit up as he described some of the people’s faces and levels of excitement while the people were simply inquiring about the job. The Trustee was then asked what type of tasks did the workers complete that pleased him- his response was, “All the major cleaning up, setting up tables, and such for the summer time events were orchestrated by the workers.”

          To him challenges that had been encountered working with the summer program were, “When it came to managing the summer workers it was a bit difficult because of there not being enough supervisors due to some of them having to tend to water breaks and things of that nature. Some days were cut due to mother nature intervention which put the teams behind schedule.” He strongly believe the greatest outcome of the summer program was, “For the most part being able to open the summer program, 70+ people applying, and 60+ people obtaining a job. It showed that so many people wanted to work and make a difference in their community.

          Not just men but women as well wanted to come and clean up the Village of Ford Heights. The fact that the job was laborious didn’t repel any potential workers from being insistent on obtaining the job, and following through with tasks assigned to them.” Trustee undoubtedly wanted to note that citizens appreciated the opportunity to have a position helping out their community.

          On the close of his interview Trustee states that he just would like to take time out to thank all the workers for their time, patience, cooperation, and help with the Public Works department- their help was needed and their efforts were appreciated for the beautification of the community.

          Operations Manager Interview: The Operations Manager led with describing what was the best part of working with the summer program employees, “Knowing that some of the guys really wanted to work, and how serious some of 

 “There was plenty of feedback from the people regarding how great the place was looking, a lot of elders came out and complimented the workers while working- even being so kind as to give them water on hot summer days.” 

          At the closing of the interview the Operations Manager looked up in a gaze and said, “I just am so very grateful to the mayor for making this all happen. The program almost got shut down, but she fought for it getting some businesses to donate to keep it a float and look at what came out of it, 60+ people were given jobs and purpose. People showed they really do care for their community- wow that’s amazing!” Operations Manager was asked did he have any final thoughts and a message to leave the workers with and he replied, “I like to thank them all for showing up and coming to work consistently, I have much appreciation for their 

the fellas took their jobs really were gratifying moments.” The Operations Manager continued with mentioning what tasks the laborers completed during the summer program, “Cutting down and removing lots of trees were some of our longest days. Clearing out areas around abandoned houses to make it look more appealing and opening some of the houses yard space were many of our other days. Numerous amounts of abandoned houses needed tending to and the laborers were eager to tackle each job. The workers also removed bushes that were blocking the views of homes so that properties would have better curb appeal. Fire hydrants got a fresh coat of paint, ya know, to give people more to look at when browsing through the Villages streets.” 

          The Operations Manager was asked to describe some challenges encountered with the 2 separate summer group workers, “With the 1st crew, the first week they started completing tasks well- then the drive kind of died off but their were many that stood strong and hung in there diligently. With the 2nd crew there wasn’t many challenges because they completed jobs very well, also showed up prepared and ready for work.” He mentioned that their greatest achievements during the program was cleaning the park and homes around the village, which was done by the 1st crew.

participation. I’m very thankful for the program because it helped public works out a lot. This allowed tasks to get done that wouldn’t have gotten completed without the program being initiated. Special thanks to the Mayor for seeing the vision that Ford Heights needed and implementing increasing the funds needed to help the village in the direction of Ford Heights 2.0.”

Ford Heights 2.0 Summer Employment Beautification Program