the Eldest Seniors of

Ford Heights

BY: YB  08.09.18

          The Village of Ford Heights has been home to many people. 2 particular seniors have been long residents. Mrs. Edna Washington whom is 97 years old even had the pleasure of knowing Ford Heights at it’s infancy stage of 2 years incorporated. Mrs. Edna moved to Ford Heights in 1952. Since that time many things have transpired throughout the history of the city and her life.

          She was raised in a home with 4 siblings, 1 sister and 3 brothers. As she described some memories a few tears were shed. While sharing her story she mentioned that she use to sing with her church choir. She has been a member of her church for more than 50 years.

Her favorite song which she sang a bit for me was:

The Lord will make a way

he will take your troubles a way

oh honey he’s a good God

all you have to do is trust him

& I do, I trust him

Call him in the midnight hour when it’s quiet

& talk to him

he will talk to you, oh yes my lord will talk to you

Honoring the Eldest Seniors of Ford Heights             

          Mrs. Edna is best known for her kindness and pleasant demeanor. “I love being a nice person and always helping who ever I can” is how she puts it. She worked at instilling those values in her children. Becoming a mother changed her perspective on life and was a major turning point for her. She obtained her first job at the Ford plant in order to provide for her five children, 2 boys and 3 girls.  

Her best years were in the 50s and 60s. She use to swing dance and have “a jumping good time” she states.

          Mrs. Edna is proud of how her children help care for her, her 2 family reunions annually, and to soon be reunited with her nephew whom she hasn’t seen in over 40+ years. Mrs. Edna states that she is proud of all these things because she is a Godly family woman above all things. Her family has the most significance to her. The best advice given to her in her life that she’d like to share is “Treat everybody right- do unto others as you would like done to you.”

          Still to this day she misses the library which was across the street from the police station in Ford Heights and would like to see another exist within the community. “It was nice

and peaceful, It wasn’t that big but it was perfect for learning with your kids”. She feels pretty good about the Village of Ford Heights, and loves all the smiling faces and neighbors.

          Mr. Grant White, 92 years old, also adores his happy community. He has always been one to help in the community as best he can. He use to volunteer with children to help expose them to cultures outside of the Village of Ford Heights. He taught them many things including different types of crafts. He was a crafty man considering he built the house that he lives in from his very own hands brick by brick. Mr. Grant is best known for his artistic abilities and his community advocacy endeavors. He has even be a Trustee of the board for the Village of Ford Heights. He’s always been a man of strong family and community values. He’s a father of 7. 2 of his children devote one day out of the week to special time just for them. On Saturday he is with his eldest daughter going to church, and on Sunday he goes fishing with his son.

          Mr. Grant is proud of his art pieces that he’s donated to the DuSable Museum, art competitions that he’s won, his successful children, and his ability to still get around when he pleases. Mr. White is proud of all these things because they were goals of his that he achieved. Mr. White’s eldest daughter

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