Original Old Tymers 9th Annual

Pig Roast and Fish Fry

East Chicago Heights

Old Tymers

9th annual Pig Roast and Fish Fry




          Happy 1st Birthday Seynan of Ford Heights. Friday, August 3rd was the onset of a trilogy weekend for the 9th annual Pig Roast and Fish Fry ceremony. The Village of Ford Heights had a plethora of events lined up for the community. This event bundled weekend was hosted and sponsored by Trustee Simpson with the original Old Tymers, and Mayor Annie R. Coulter with the Village of Ford Heights. The 1st celebration was the Fish Fry. Lines were wrapped around the block for the delicious food which was served in ample helpings. Volunteers served the adults individually in an endless revolving line.

          The Village of Ford Heights sponsored all the food and Dj services. While that event was under way the 1st annual Foam Party also took place. People were in bathing suits splashing and posing for pictures with the Village’s photographer Mr. Rush. Kids practiced some of their gymnastic abilities by flipping in the grass and in the bouncy house. They also loved displaying antics for the camera. The evening brought about the movies in the park occasion. There were many people parked in their cars seated and enjoying popcorn while

watching the movie Black Panther on the big projection screen.

          On August 4th, 2018 the Pig Roast occurred. This day in particular was meant to honor the children of the community. They were given free ice cream, cotton

candy, and back to school backpacks that were filled with all sorts of supplies to get them off on a good start for the upcoming school year. The backpacks were passed out by Trustee Simpson and his wife. Trustee Simpson and the Village of Ford Heights sponsored the back to school backpacks give away. 200 book bags with supplies were handed to kids for back to school 


          Some streets were closed off due to the crowds being large and active. A performance from a Michael Jackson imitator engaged the audience, as he performed several of Michael Jackson’s hit songs while wearing a werewolf mask and the traditional red jacket with black trimming. “Thriller” and “ Man in the mirror” were a couple of the songs that were performed. The performer did a good 

job at mimicking the king of pop’s moves and dance style. Once that performance was over people ate and danced for a while. The 2nd performance didn’t come until night fall. Mr. Warren and a female feature sang some tunes by Smokey Robinson and the group known as One Way as people stepped danced.

          Mayor Annie R. Coulter attended both days. She was pleased with the turnout for each day. On August 5th, 2018 residents brought out their own tents and grills to enjoy the left over energy from the previous days events. Public works tidied up the grounds then the Village of Ford Heights went back to it’s regular scheduled program.

          Next year’s event’s will surely be bigger and better. Who knows, maybe the red carpet will even be rolled out so that some awards can be given to some of the best community supporters, up-lifters, sponsors, and helpers,

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