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"...The high is described as being pleasant about half of the time with feelings of euphoria and relaxation. It is also known to alleviate pain. The lows of PCP are where the true danger lies. A number of negative effects can be experienced, sometimes for up to six (6) weeks. Long term use of PCP has been known to result in speech difficulties, depression and weight loss. Regular use of PCP can result in the use of fine motor skills and short term memory.  Interaction between PCP and other depressants such as alcohol". The use of PCP is an ever growing concern in our community due to the frequent use among teenagers and young adults, in spite of the dangerous lows and side effects. Coupled with the mental health crisis and lack of viable gun control, "         continue reading...

IF IT WEREN’T FOR PCP                                        BY: TANA HUTTON


2018 Annual Fest                                                                BY:  YB  07.20.18


"...The Independents came on to the stage. Before their tones spoke their outfits were already singing. The men were in clean white suits with peach button ups and the woman wore a matching floral dress to compliment the color coordination. All eyes were surely on them as they danced and sang their songs that moved the audience.

        The 3rd act didn’t really need an introduction. The singers charm and suave glided across the stage before they got into position. The crowd jumped up and down with excitement for the singers Public Announcement. Everyone rocked their bodies with the singers as they sang one of their popular songs “Body Bumpin”. People yelled out “ ONE MORE TIME!”, “ GIVE US SOME MORE! ”                   continue reading...

" ...Her favorite song which she sang a bit for me was:

The Lord will make a way

he will take your troubles a way

oh honey he’s a good God

all you have to do is trust him

& I do, I trust him

Call him in the midnight hour when it’s quiet

& talk to him"

... "Mr. Grant is proud of his art pieces that he’s donated to the DuSable Museum, art competitions 

" ...On August 4th, 2018 the Pig Roast occurred. This day in particular was meant to honor the children of the community. They were given free ice cream, cotton

candy, and back to school backpacks that were filled with all sorts of supplies to get them off on a good start for the upcoming school year. The backpacks were passed out by Trustee Simpson and his wife. Trustee Simpson and the Village of Ford Heights sponsored the back to school backpacks give away. 200 book bags with supplies were handed to kids for back to school gifts..."

" ...Some streets were closed off due to the crowds being large and active. A performance from a Michael Jackson imitator engaged the audience, as he performed several of Michael Jackson’s hit songs while wearing a werewolf mask and the traditional red jacket with black trimming. “Thriller” and “ Man in the mirror” were a couple of the songs that were performed. The performer did a good job at mimicking the king of pop’s moves and..."                            continue reading...

Original Old Tymers Annual Pig Roast and Fish Fry                            BY: YB    08.03-04.18

Honoring the Eldest Seniors of Ford Heights                                                BY: YB   08.09.18

that he’s won, his successful children, and his ability to still get around when he pleases. Mr. White is proud of all these..."       continue reading...

Ford Heights 2.0 Summer Employment Beautification Program            By: YB     09.05.18

Envision Ford Heights Illinois                  By: YB 08.22.18

          "...Mayor will discuss new community amenities tailored to making residents of the city and surrounding areas happier. Lincoln Highway is to be revitalized, it will be a head turner when passersby peer upon it. New industrial developments will be discussed as well. Of course with new industrial developments comes new jobs and even more opportunities to enhance the Ford Heights 2.0 economy. A brighter future is what the Village is proposing. Street lights on each block which will increase safety and visibility at night is exactly what the doctor ordered..."                    continue reading...

          "...village employed 30 individuals to come a board and help make Ford Heights beautiful again. Mid summer the village employed yet another 30+ making it the 2nd group of workers brought a board to make some magic happen in Ford Heights.

          Interviews were conducted with the Trustee Director of Public Works Scottie Hatten and the Operations Manager Stanley Johnson. What they had to say about the program is as follows.

          Trustee Interview: The Trustee was asked what was the best part about working with the summer program and responded, “Actually giving everyone a chance and allowing them to sit through an interview, for some of them this was their..."            continue reading...

 Attention... Attention..... Attention

Ford Heights' Fire Department Smoke Alarm Installation Program            By: S.C    11.21.18

Ford Heights' Fire Department presents "Be Alarmed"- Smoke Alarm Installation Program. Smoke alarm installation program provides smoke alarms and fire prevention materials to Illinois Fire Department in effort to both educate residents on fire safety as well as to provide them with life saving devices in their home.  Call 708-758-3451 for more information. 

Request for Bid Proposal for Planning Consultant/Engineering/Surveying     By: S.C    08/09/2019